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HPV Vaccinations

About HPV

HPV is very common and can be caught through any kind of sexual contact with another person who is infected already.  High-risk HPV is linked to the development of cervical, anal, genital, and head and neck cancers. It can also cause infections, such as genital warts.

Symptoms of HPV

HPV does not always have any symptoms, which means that many people may have had an HPV infection without knowing.


You cannot fully protect yourself against HPV, however, there are things that can help.

Condoms can help protect you against HPV, but they do not cover all the skin around your genitals, therefore you are not fully protected.

The HPV vaccine protects against the types of HPV that cause most cases of genital warts and cervical cancer, as well as some other cancers. It does not protect against all types of HPV.


There is no treatment for HPV. Most HPV infections do not cause any problems and are cleared by your body within 2 years.

Treatment is needed if HPV causes problems like genital warts, or changes to cells in the cervix.

HPV Vaccinations

HPV Vaccinations for men and women – 2-3 doses required.

Medwyn offer the new Gardasil 9 vaccine which covers 9 types of HPV.

Medwyn’s private HPV vaccination service is suitable for men and women aged 12 to 44 inclusive (subject to eligibility). Patients aged 12 to 14 require a course of two vaccinations – the second dose being administered between five and 13 months after the first appointment.

Patients aged 15 to 44 require a course of three vaccinations – the second after two months and the third, six months after the first appointment.

It is important to have all vaccine doses so you are properly protected.

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