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Travel Vaccinations

The aim of travel vaccinations is to protect people from serious illness by providing immunity to a range of diseases found in other countries.  

Everyone who is considering travelling abroad needs to be aware of the vaccination requirements for the country or countries they are planning to visit whether it is for holiday travel or for business travel.  You, and the people travelling with you, will need be properly vaccinated in the correct timeframe before travelling.

Should you, or anyone travelling with you, have underlying health conditions it is advisable to book an appointment to come and see us to discuss which travel vaccinations you require first of all, as you may have an additional risk of complications.  

Coming to see us for your vaccinations means that you will be vaccinated by one of our qualified nurses.  You will be welcomed into our comfortable, convenient and safe surroundings within our modern purpose-built premises.

It is advisable to book your travel vaccination appointments at least 6 weeks before your departure.  It may be that you need a course of vaccinations depending on your travel destination.  This is particularly relevant if you are travelling to several countries. 

You may also need a consultation regarding general health advice, your vaccinations and you may need booster vaccinations. The sooner you book an appointment the better, so we can cover you for all circumstances.

We will provide the necessary Vaccination Certificates for your travel to certain countries.

It is also important to note that precautions regarding the global COVID 19 pandemic need to be taken into consideration, read more.

For further information on travelling please see the following useful resources-